Black Dinah Chocolatiers Black Dinah Chocolatier

ON A REMOTE MAINE ISLAND, NESTLED INTO THE LONG SHADOWS OF BLACK DINAH MOUNTAIN, Steve and Kate Shaffer craft beautiful chocolates completely by hand. Inspired by fresh, local ingredients and their love of flavors from the tiny corners of the world, their imagination explores the seven seas, right in their kitchen. At Black Dinah,  truffles and caramels are made using fresh cream; organic herbs, flowers, fruits, coffees, teas and whole spices; and the very best Venezuelan, Belgian and rare Peruvian chocolate. Because the best chocolates deserve the freshest, tastiest ingredients, they buy from local farmers and producers whenever they can. Because they believe in sustainable agriculture and feel strongly that farmers to the best cacao in the world should get an above-market price for their products, we use organic, fairly-traded chocolate, like other small artisan food makers in Maine and around the world, their goal is to contribute towards an invigorated, sustainable and rich community.